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Neighborhood Protection
Easy Targets For Terrorists?

We at Founders Freedom Forum have been concerned about the open border for months now. The concern about people on the terrorist list being detained at the border became more alarming when we have no idea what the amount of 'got-aways' is. Were the terrorists detained just the careless ones, as if you indeed were part of a terrorist mission you would not just walk in with the mobs.

Now the FBI and the DHS are concerned about the threat. The events in Israel of October 7th galvanized many into looking for ways to protect ourselves. Many have stored up supplies for the case of a disruption in supply chains. If terrorists are successful in destroying our supply chains we will have to worry not only about them, but also the lawless among us who soon would begin preying on others.

We are looking into presenting one or more sessions on setting up a Neighborhood Protection Plan. You can see a discussion of what that may look like at this web page (tap/click here). There is more information at this Civil Defense site (Civil Defense Manual)

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity. Just email us at '' or just reply to this email.

Thank you.