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Join Us At Our Next Liberty Tree Meeting
Are You a 'Prepper'?

When: 6 PM, Wednesday, May 24th.
What: Liberty Tree Meeting, Emergency Plan
Where: Travelers Pub, 5225 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002 (map here)
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We do not know exactly how the evil that is now in our nation will affect us, but we can prepare for how it could effect us. Last month we spoke of starting steps such as food, water, shelter. Things you need to take care of your families immediate needs in an emergency. This month we will build on that plan.

Our speaker will be Fulton Sheen, a local area person who has been active in the areas of preparing for emergencies be they severe storms or man made emergencies! We plan on discussing preparing for things such as disruption in law enforcement to collapse of the US Dollar. We do not know how things in our nation will play out, but we must prepare to rebuild from the local neighborhood on up if that is what will be required.

Do not be discouraged, the average American is goodhearted and will work together to insure that the idea of 'America' endures. We just have to work to prepare the base for that goodwill to endure.

So make sure that you RSVP with the link above and join us.