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FFF is an educational nonprofit organization with a 501c3 designation. Our mission is to preserve liberty and our American Republic through educational opportunities. We sponsor educational Liberty Tree meetings, topic specific Town Halls, and co-sponsor an annual US Constitution Bee.

Did You Know?
We live at a time where the United States has become a very complex society. We survived a civil war, the industrial revolution, the information age and more. Throughout, our basic governmental structure has remained the same despite constant attacks. Certain voices tell us our country, as founded, is inadequate and deficient. These voices tell us we need central planning combined with Socialism. Really! Is a large government the solution, many yell YES!

What would our wise Founding Fathers tell us about a government’s role in our daily lives? How lucky we are their discussions on the role of government are recorded and preserved in the Federalist and Anti-federalist Papers. We observe, in the U.S. Constitution, their genius for developing the first Constitutional Republic. We witness their personal commitment and bravery in the Declaration of Independence; where they pledge their lives, their fortunes and honor while declaring separation from the British Crown.

Join with us and learn how far we have moved away from the original principles of this country.

Why I joined FFF!
It's important to me to do something to help our country stay true to the values that the founders believed in. The educational aspect of the FFF has enabled me to have a better understanding of where we came from and how we got here. This understanding has given me the knowledge to effectively reply to the current criticisms such as "the Constitution is two hundred years old and is outdated" and "we need a living constitution." --- Jeff

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