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Founders Freedom Forum

We are a group of Patriots whose mission is to educate fellow citizens in the principles that this nation was founded upon and what that means to us today. We do this through Forum Discussions, Scholarship Programs and
working with other like-minded groups.

The Liberty Declaration July 4, 2022 

By unanimous Declaration, the Board of the Founders Freedom Forum and the undersigned declare:

When over time a government strays from its original intent, which was designed to guard the rights of free people that the laws of nature and God entitled to them, it becomes necessary for citizens to reform that government. With respect for the opinions of our fellow citizens, we must tell them why action is necessary.

We continue to uphold the timeless truths as laid out by America’s founders in the Declaration of Independence in 1776; “that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Concern for our fellow Americans requires that we should not institute change for light or temporary reasons. Indeed, history reveals that people are more inclined to suffer than to take action to abolish the evils that have overtime destroyed their liberty.

However, when a long string of lawlessness, denial of rights, and pure evil threatens to reduce people to possessions of the government rather than the government be a servant of its citizens, it is the duty of the citizens to retake control of their government.

Such is the level of lawlessness and evil in the federal government today, that the citizens must take action to restore their federal government to the original constraints of the Constitution as set forth by our founders. The current disregard for the Constitution, results in absolute tyranny over the states and citizens of America.

Thus, to illuminate the battle between liberty and tyranny, let the truth be known to all how we are losing the battle and our Republic. Our federal, state and local governments are violating, restricting, and ignoring the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution as shown by: 

1. The unconstitutional imprisonment of citizens by the federal government for over a year, with no charges nor trial in connection with the January 6, 2021 rally in Washington D.C. This is a clear violation of an individual’s right to due process and a speedy trail. (Violation: US Constitution, Amendment V & VI)

2. Under the guise of medical emergencies, state and federal governments are unconstitutionally restricting; the freedom of speech, assembly, religion and the right to petition. (Violation: U.S. Constitution, Amendment I)

3. The Government’s misuse of power is causing out of control inflation resulting in; a higher cost of living, extremely high gas prices and ever-increasing food prices - affecting individuals’ safety and happiness. (Violation: Declaration of Independence)

4. The federal government, through unelected bureaucrats, continues to ignore U.S. Immigration laws passed by Congress. Breaking the laws, by admitting and assisting illegal aliens and terrorists, and transporting them to states without the states’ consent, results in danger to national security. (Violation: U.S. Constitution, Article II & Amendment X)

5. The U.S. Department of Education fails American parents and tax payers by supporting the lies being taught to our children through the use of Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project curricula and inappropriate sex education. The Department of Justice wrongfully targets opposing parents as possible terrorists. (Violation: U.S. Constitution, Amendment X)

6. The federal government continues to destroy our energy independence and increases our dependence on foreign powers for our energy supplies; resulting in higher fuel, electric and heating costs for individuals and families. (Violation: U.S. Constitution, Amendment X)

7. The federal government restricts and silences the voices of debate and criticism by all citizens. The federal government Disinformation Governance Board will define, according to its opinion, what is considered disinformation. Discussion of 2020 election irregularities are an example of what would be considered disinformation. (Violation: US Constitution, Amendment I & X)

8. Governments at all levels have long misused their power of taxation, constantly creating new forms of taxes, fees and raising the amounts; thereby eroding the spending power of citizens as it centralizes power at the federal level. (Violation: U.S. Constitution, Amendment X)

9. The federal government relinquishes sovereignty and/or control to organizations that are not under the U.S. Constitution’s jurisdiction; such as the World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Health Organization, Government use of private corporations and non-governmental organizations -NGOs, as if they were government agencies. (Violation: U.S. Constitution, Amendment VI)

Therefore, we the citizens of America, do solemnly publish and declare we have the right to be free and in possession of all our God-given rights. With a high regard for liberty, we will put on the armor of courage and use our powers, as laid out in our nation’s founding documents, to return our federal government to its limited powers, as defined in the Constitution of the United States of America.

In support of this Declaration and with a firm reliance on the protection and providence of God, we mutually pledge to each other to take the required actions to restore our government to the limited scope the founders intended.

Signers of The Liberty Declaration, Founders Freedom Forum, Board of Directors 

       Gene Clem  Tony Dugal  Lynn Halvorsen
      Tom Koporetz  CJ Mallinson  Geri Newell
       Rose Rook  Lorraine Root  Beverly Solik

To download your own copy of the Declaration (tap/click here); here is a printable file with page breaks (tap/click here). You can use this link to sign: (sign here).

For direction to organizations and web sites that you can look to in order to find out where you can help as you may have the skills and interests please go to this (short list of suggestions).

For web sites that have more information, news and general articles on the state of our republic and various efforts to restore it check out (this list of resources).

People, we can do this. Remember our nations founders fought off the most powerful nation in the world at that time, for our freedom from tyranny. We all need to just pick up a part of the effort no matter how small you may think it is and take back our government.

Let’s make America that Shinning City on the Hill once again!