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What: Annual Picnic
When: 12 - 3 pm, August 17th
Where: To Be Determined
RSVP:  Soon...

We had scheduled the picnic for August 24th, however the Michigan Republican Party has since scheduled their state convention for that same date and many of our members will be attending that.  Also the VanBuren Republican Party had scheduled an annual picnic for the same date which would also draw on our attendees (if not also rescheduled).

We have decided to reschedule to August 17th as the 31st is a part of the Labor Day weekend and many already have plans for that weekend also.  We are currently looking for a picnic pavilion to rent and other locations such as LaCantina.
We will update this page, post a new RSVP form and send everyone a notice via the newsletter as soon as we have the Venue nailed down.

Map here (soon)

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