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Looking at a New Dawn?

What: October Liberty Tree Gathering
Where: The Travelers Cafe & Pub, 5225 Portage Rd, Portage, MI (map)
When: Oct. 8th, 6 pm check in, 6:30 program start
RSVP: Reserve a seat here please: (click/tap)

We will be looking at what we need to do to prepare for what is coming; some communication alternatives and then discussing how to get to the New Dawn of the Republic.

In the book 'The Fourth Turning', the authors speak of major cultural changes that seem to occur every 80 to 100 years. In 1997 they pointed to the year 2020 as when this cycle will culminate. However they, as well as I, think that the result of the turmoil will be a better America. 'Cause the good guys always win??? I choose to look at what is coming as an opportunity rather than a disaster.

Again, please consider getting there a little early and ordering a drink and/or food as we are not being charged a rental fee or a minimum. The Travelers have been great friends and host for us.