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Climate Hustle 2

We are all familiar with how the tyranny in our state and federal governments have used the 'plandemic' of the Wuhan Flu to suspend the bill of rights. Hopefully enough people are standing up against this that it is fading. However, the tyrannical forces within our governmental bodies have learned that they can take away our God given rights and many Americans will not fight against it.

You don't think that they will try to use the Climate Hustle to remove your rights and destroy the protections of the Constitution do you? In the famous words of Dick Martin of the Laugh In TV show of the 70's, "You bet your sweet bippy!"

We have broken the movie "Climate Hustle 2" into 3 segments that we will present over refreshments at the Commons area of the Fresh Water Church in Paw Paw in June, July and August. After each segment we will hold a group discussion to develop awareness among us all of how we can combat this particular assault on our rights also. So plan on attending for an informative and community building evenings.

Movie Event One: "Are they creating a new 'Climate Monarchy?'"
When: Thursday, June 10th, Doors open 6:30, Movie starts 7:00 pm sharp.
Where: Fresh Water Community Church, The Commons, 600 E. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw, MI 49079 (the old Paw Paw high school)
RSVP: (Click/tap here)

We will send a reminder and a new link next month for movie event two. In the meantime mark your calendars for the next two events on the evenings of July 8th and August 12th.

Tell all your friends, relatives and neighbors about the summer movie nights also. Here is a flyer that you can download, print and hand out if you like. (Click/tap here for download).