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Liberty Tree Gathering

What: Liberty Tree Gathering, Christmas Social
Where: Travelers Cafe, 5225 Portage Rd, Portage (map here)
When: Thursday, Dec. 10th 6 PM (If tyranny permits!)
RSVP: Please, we need a good count (click here).

1776, a disastrous year for General Washington and his dwindling ‘army’of patriots. Enlistments were to run out on Dec. 31st and what he had
left would melt away and it would be ‘the end’. Gen. Washington,
needed (and expected) a miracle; he ordered that excerpts from “The
Crisis” by Tomas Paine be read to the troops. “These are the times that
try men’s souls.....” Sound somewhat like the dire straits our nation is in

Well, our December (Christmas) meetings are meant to be more of a
social than a Liberty Tree and so it is this year. We will celebrate the
success of the Battle of Trenton and the army’s campaign to finish out
the year 1776 on a high note, indeed. We will then take a virtual tour
of Mt. Vernon, Washington’s beloved home and the place he wanted to
return to so much all those years that he was in service to his nation...
the one he helped found.

So please plan on joining us for good food, maybe some wassailing and
maybe even a little discussion of America’s current problems and how we
can turn problems into opportunities...

Make sure that you sign up as above; we will need your email if we need to cancel for any reason!